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Online Patient Scheduling

Digital front doors to an organization have become a necessity. Patient’s expect more than just information from your website, they expect to be able to take action and self-service their needs.

The biggest hurdle to moving scheduling online is the complex, ever-changing, schedule parameters.

That’s why we’ve built an online schedule request process that can engage your patient without messing up your schedule.

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Your New Scheduling Assistant

One of the first major hurdles your patients run into is scheduling their appointment with you. Even if there’s no required referral or prior authorization, scheduling can still be a very cumbersome process.

But it doesn’t have to be. Our online Schedule Request tool is like having your own automated virtual assistant. We take care of the bulk of the scheduling process, freeing up your team so they just have to handle the final confirmation step.

Here’s how it works: A patient can go to your website and click on a “scheduling” link that will bring them to the Schedule Request tool. There, they can select the dates/times they prefer based on your custom availability. The patient can even leave details on the request like preferences or special requests.

Once the request is submitted, we put it on a worklist for your scheduling team to review and finalize. Using our Schedule Request tool will better engage your patient and empower your scheduling team, so they both have a better experience.

Built-in Qualifying Questions

Do you need to qualify your patients before you let them request an appointment?

Our workflow includes custom question flows that allow you to ask a group of questions to filter out those who can schedule online versus those who should call and talk with your team directly.

There are no limits on the number or length of questions you can ask. Our project team will work with you to craft the workflow and questions together for an optimal patient experience.

More you should know about our platform
Fully-integrated or Stand-alone?

While fully-integrated solutions are great, sometimes they’re not what you need. This is why we designed our Schedule Request tool to work as both a fully-integrated, and a stand alone solution.

The main difference between the two is that the non-integrated version allows patients to send you their preferred day/times; while the integrated version shows them available times to select from.

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Customized just for you

From the services you offer to the patients you care for, and even the business processes that support those services, your healthcare organization is unique. That’s why we work with you as a partner to customize our Price Estimator to fit your needs. Such as...

  • Custom branding
  • Custom massage flow
  • Custom services/departments
  • Custom availability
  • …and so much more!
Worklists and Reporting

Our Scheduling Request tool comes with Redde reporting and analytics built-in. Your teams will be able to manage all requests and view extensive reporting options to help manage and improve the scheduling process.

Mobile-Frist Design

Today’s patient manages their life from their phone. This makes it critical for any scheduling processes to be functional directly from a phone.

Like the rest of the solutions within the Redde Ecosystem, our Scheduling Requestion tool was built mobile first. That means regardless of the device the patient uses, the entire digital experience will reformat itself to fit perfectly on their device.

Bundle with other Solutions and Save

Patient Scheduling is just one step in the patient acquisition process. When combined with the rest of the Redde patient acquisition suite – you can have a more engaging digital front door that allows your patients and staff to better work together.

Check out some of our other solutions that can help increase your patient acquisition.

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