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No more clipboards or clunky devices. Let your patients self-service the entire process from their own phone.
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Patient Registration Simplified

Patient Registration can be really simple. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry has over-complicated it.

So how can you simplify the process while still getting everything you need to see the patient?

After nearly two years of researching, testing, and validating – we are excited to bring you a Redde Registration.

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 Contactless Check-In

With infection control becoming a greater challenge every month, allowing your patients to check-in without ever touching any clinic material or device is a must.

Our entire registration system is built mobile first; which means your patients can manage the entire process from their mobile device without downloading an app.

 Registration Dashboard

Patient Access can be complicated, but managing it doesn’t have to be. Our streamlined dashboard is clean and easy to understand.  

Our intuitive dashboard equips you to better manage the entire patient journey.

Digital Consents & Screeners

Collecting patient data and maintaining compliance can be challenging. Especially with:

  1. Mailing forms in advance to an appointment
  2. Completing forms prior to their appointmentsand
  3. Scanning forms into your EMR/PM system
  4. Managing form version and keeping them consistent across all facilities and providers

But with our Patient Forms tools, managing the entire process is simple and intuitive for your staff and patients.

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Insurance Eligibility & Verification

Just getting an eligibility response from an insurer isn’t enough. You need to know what their coverage is, and what copay is due. We’ve partnered with AccuReg to provide real-time insurance verification with custom benefits mapping so that your front office is collecting all the right information while your patient is still checking in.

Card On File Payments

Just getting an eligibility response from an insurer isn’t enough. You need to know what their coverage is, and what copay is due. We’ve partnered with AccuReg to provide real-time insurance verification with custom benefits mapping so that your front office is collecting all the right information while your patient is still checking in.

A Not-So-Patient Perspective

If you were to ask your patients what they think about your registration process, what would they tell you? You could probably guess at least a few things, but our bet is that you’d be surprised by some of their responses. We sure were when we asked patients that same question.

Funny thing is, the patients’ list of annoyances matches up pretty closely to the Front Office / Registration team’s list of annoyances.

Here’s some of what we found:

  • Annoying data collection process. In today’s digital economy, your patient’s have high expectations that technology can simplify their lives. This means they can get annoyed when you hand them a clipboard and pen or a clunky tablet. They dread having to stand at the counter and answer personal questions where others can hear, and they get frustrated when you make them interact with a kiosk where the person behind them gets to watch everything they do.
  • Too much stuff to fill out. When you factor in the registration forms, consents, questionnaires, and everything else, it’s like making your patients read a short novel and then taking a quiz at the end. One patient likened the process to filling out college exam and praying they got the answers right.
  • Pointless/Redundant Questions. Do you really need to ask every patient at a pediatrics office what the patient’s maiden name was, or who their current employer is? Not only that, but then make them answer those questions again every time they’re seen? Patients are already overwhelmed with the registration process; so adding questions for every patient to answer when it only applies to a few is a large cause of frustration. What makes this worse is making a parent go through those questions for each child being seen that day.
  • Systems/Processes don’t communicate with each other. Now that we’ve made the patient go through that entire registration process, asking them a second, third, fourth time during the visit for the same info is frustrating. Often healthcare providers are using multiple IT systems through the patient journey. If those systems don’t speak with each other, then this creates duplicative work for both the patient and your registration team.
  • Infection Control. In our COVID-19 world, infection control measures are top of mind for patients. Even if you tell them about all your sanitizing efforts, they don’t really care. What they care about is not having to touch the same pen/clipboard/tablet/kiosk/counter that others have.

These are just a few of the data points we collected while designing Redde Registration. At the end of the day, patients want it to be simple to use, to know who they are, and to help them complete the necessary steps quickly and painlessly.

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Cloud-based Registration

Redde Registration is hosted from the cloud, which means setup is quick an easy. There’s no software to download, and no servers or hardware installed at your facilities.

For your patients, this also means no app to install, because everything is available from the web and is optimized to run on even a minimal cell-signal.

 Designed for Mobile

Our registration platform was designed to easily and simply be used on a mobile phone. While it automatically reformats to run smoothly from a tablet or desktop as well, it was built first and foremost for your patient’s phone.

We took this mobile-first approach because that’s how most of your patients prefer to engage with you. Roughly 80% of all patient use on our platform happens on a mobile phone or tablet.

Patient Self-Service

Now, you can empower your patients and improve their experience by giving them your registration questions before their visit. This allows them to manage their registration process when it is most convenient for them, not just when they are sitting in your lobby.

This also shifts much of the workload off your registration teams. Instead of spending all of their time on data capture, they can become an escalated support role, focusing on assisting the patients who need more help.

Dynamic Workflows

Harnessing automated features and integrated tools, our Registration dashboards are designed to help your teams work faster and better. With simplified user-interfaces and intuitive processes, your teams will be able to focus more of their time providing a fantastic patient experience, and spend less time managing a complicated workflow.

 EMR and PM Integrations

We can fully integrate all our registration processes into your EMR and/or Practice Management systems. This integration can include billing insurance, scheduling, and clinical questionnaires.

Contact us below for integration details regarding your specific software.

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