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Pop quiz: How many systems are involved in receiving a payment from your patients?

The answer might surprise you. As one CFO recently told us, “I had no idea we used this many payment systems.”

He’s not alone. The systems and processes involved often cross departments and geographies in a complex web that even the most experienced team members don’t fully understand.

Problem is, if we don’t fully understand the perspective our patients have on the processes we subject them to, we’re on shaky ground. Without a holistic view of—and commitment to—the effortless patient journey, even the smallest tweaks can cause major headaches for your patients, which lead to negative outcomes.

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"a framework for leaders to use to guide the direction of the business and drive accountability"

Jeanne Bliss
Chief Customer Officer 2.0

How does journey mapping help?

Journey mapping is storytelling. It is deeply understanding the experience individuals have as they interact with your organization and turning that into stories you can use to accurately drive business improvements.

Jeanne Bliss, noted Customer Experience thought leader, describes a journey map as

“a framework for leaders to use to guide the direction of the business and drive accountability. It enables them to hold people accountable for improving customers’ lives and uniting independent silo scorecards. Every leader I have worked with and every leadership team I have coached have asked for simple language to galvanize people around customer-driven growth. The customer journey provides that talk track.”

That’s the real power of the journey map – a common language for your organization to rally around and coordinate on improving the patient's financial experience.

What is the process?

Mapping the patient's financial journey is the process of understanding every step a patient takes along the path of payment. It includes people, processes, technologies, and the emotions patients feel at each step in the journey.

We've boiled it down to a three-step process.

Information Gathering
We’ll ask you questions about your business goals, patient populations, and desired outcomes. Using the available information, we’ll build a framework to prepare for the larger discussion.
Journey Mapping discussion
The process works best when we can assemble a group of people representing all the aspects of the journey – billing staff, IT/systems people, front desk, management staff and executive leadership, and even some real, live patients.
Together, we’ll follow our process to walk through the journey beginning to end, examining the patient perspective of each step and the underlying people, process, and technology components that deliver it.
Analysis and documentation
We’ll examine the results of the mapping discussion and develop them into a usable Patient Financial Journey Map. The end result will be a simplified depiction of your patient experience along with a punch list of cross-functional improvements to make that journey as effortless as possible.
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Did we mention we do this for FREE?

Yup. Wixcorp provides this as a FREE SERVICE. We’ll go through the entire process with you. If our expanded services make sense for your organization, we’re happy to provide them. If not, we get to make some new friends and you get to keep the FREE patient financial journey map to drive your patient growth and improvement initiatives.

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