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It’s not just about compliance, it’s about the patient experience. You can achieve price transparency compliance with a complex excel document and a list of 300 services. But, that’s not what your patients are hoping for. Our patient self-service Price Estimator is not only compliant with the new regulatory requirements, but also provides a premier patient experience.

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It’s not too late to become compliant

Although the Price Transparency rule went into effect January 1st, many hospitals and health systems are not yet compliant with the rule’s requirements. With a penalty of $300.00 per day for non-compliance, and with CMS signaling additional penalties down the road, it’s vitally important to get a solution deployed quickly.

To help with this, we are prioritizing all Price Estimator installations. As such, we can have your fully customized price estimator solution deployed in as little as 30 days.

What does the Price Transparency Rule Require?

There are two main requirements outlined by CMS: Posting of Standard Charges and a listing of consumer-friendly shoppable services.


Post “Standard Charges” online in a machine-readable format. The file must include:

  • Gross Charges
  • Discounted Cash Price
  • Payer-specific negotiated Charge
  • De-identified Min Charge
  • De-identified Max Charge

A. Post a list of 300 “Consumer-Friendly Shoppable Services”:

  • 70 CMS Mandated Codes
  • 230 Discretionary Codes
See list of required codes

B. Provide an “Internet based price estimation tool”

(HINT: This is the patient-preferred option.)

The Cost of Non-Compliance

With a non-compliance penalty of $300 per day; choosing to not comply with the Price Transparency Rule can be costly. Assuming the average ER visit nets you around $1,000; you would have to do 109 more ER visits each year to cover the cost of this non-compliance penalty.

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More you should know about our platform
No Integration Needed

Integrations can be complicated and messy. Which is why we specifically designed our Price Estimator so that it doesn’t require an integration with your EMR or any other practice management systems.

Customized just for you

From the services you offer to the patients you care for, and even the business processes that support those services, your healthcare organization is unique. That’s why we work with you as a partner to customize our Price Estimator to fit your needs. Such as...

  • Custom branding
  • Custom massage flow
  • Custom services/departments
  • Custom availability
  • …and so much more!
Real-time Insurance Verification

In partnership with AccuReg, you can now check a patient's insurance eligibility and verification directly from the Redde platform. Our Cost Estimator will then factor in the patient’s current coverage information into the cost estimator providing even more accuracy and transparency.

Integrated 3rd-Party pricing

In partnership with MDsave, you can now see the total cost for a procedure, including all of the 3rd party fees the patient may owe for services like anesthesia, pathology, radiology, and more. We can help empower your patients and Patient Access teams with accurate estimates, including pre-payment options for the facility and 3rd-party fees.

First Step in the Patient Acquisition Journey

Having transparent prices can be an important first step in the patient acquisition process. After patients estimate their prices, they’ll want to communicate with the registration team, request an appointment, and start their registration process without having to fill out a bunch of forms.

Lucky for you and your patients, we can help with all of that!

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