All the tools you need to create an engaging patient financial experience.
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Our industry-disrupting platform for managing the Patient Financial Experience.


Patient Facing Solutions for the Entire Patient Financial Journey

  1. Text-to-pay
  2. No-login Payments
  3. Real-time EMR Integration
  4. Payment Plan Automation
  5. Family Billing
  6. Automated email/text notifications
Patient Financial Experience
REDDE helps create a premier experience for your patients.

Custom Payment Options

Give patients the ability to create and manager their own pay plans.

Notifications & Reminders

Automated text and email notifications to help your patients stay in control.

Personalized Price Estimation

Differentiate your services by letting patients see what their potential costs are.

  1. No Integration Required
  2. Custom Branding and Design Themes
  3. Real-time Insurance Verification
  4. Highlight Common Procedures
  5. Quick-Pick Categories for Easy Lookup
  6. Estimate-specific Payment Options
 Mobile-First Design

The entire REDDE ecosystem was built to be run entirely from a mobile device.

Everything from menu systems, navigation, and the way we display content has been carefully designed to ensure the optimal patient experience, no matter what device they use.

Your patients use their cell phones far more than their computers. And thanks to Redde, now you can engage them where they already are.

  1. Two-way Text Messaging
  2. HIPAA and TCPA Compliant
  3. Custom Auto-filled Templates
  4. Real-time Reporting and History
  5. Bulk Messaging to All Patients
  6. Automated Reminders and Notifications
 Secure & Compliant

HIPAA. TCPA. PCI-DSS. HITECH. And much more.

The patient financial experience brings together medical and financial data, both of which are highly sought after by digital thieves. That’s why Redde uses everything from data segregation and encryption protocols, to payment tokenization and active-page security validation to keep everything secure and compliant.

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  1. Cloud-based Registration Platform
  2. Contactless Check-in
  3. Real-time EMR/PM Integration
  4. Card-on-File Payments
  5. Insurance Eligibility and Verification
  6. Patient Flow Tracking
  7. Digital Consents and Screeners
  1. No Integration Required
  2. Custom Branding and Design Themes
  3. Service-specific Questions in Schedule Process
  4. Real-time Worklist and Reporting
  5. Bundle with Texting for Automated Notifications
 Technology with a human touch

While the average consumer is used to interacting with technology on a regular basis, that doesn’t mean it’s always an enjoyable experience.

A good platform creates meaningful human interaction that is supported by intuitive technology.

A successful patient financial experience requires human authenticity across all your digital patient touchpoints.

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  1. No-login or App Required
  2. Text/Email Multiple Forms at Once
  3. Custom Digital Consents w/ Version Updates
  4. Clinical Screeners and Questionnaires
  5. Optimized for Mobile Submission
  6. EMR Integration Available
 Consolidated Billing

REDDE can bring data together from across numerous locations, specialties, and EMRs.

We can manage multiple bills for multiple patients from multiple provides within your organization all from the same login. REDDE provides a single platform for you and your patients to manage all your patient facing RCM needs.

 Infinitely Scalable

Redde scales to fit the size of any practice.

Single Practice
Tired of looking for a high-end solution without a high-end price tag? So were we. That’s why we built ingeration options that only require a few days to get it set up and running. Redde works with most EHRs and Practice Management solutions and requires little-to-no-work on their part for us to set up. Finally, the tools and resources you want at a price you can afford.
Medical Group
Multiple locations. Multiple specialties. No problem. Redde is able to seamlessly integrate into your EHR and provide a real-time solution for your billing team and patients to collaborate on together. Engage your patients across multiple communication and payment channels all from a single solution.
Independent Hospital
Trying to find a solution that will work with your inpatient, outpatient, and specialty practices? Redde can pull all service lines together into a single platform for your patients and billing team to use. Redde can replace the work and costs of using multiple platforms/vendors, and provide a single simple to use platform for you to engage with your patients.
Health System
Whether you’re a large University Medical Center, a sprawling Urban Health System, a Multi-state Hospital Group, or a National Hospital System with a thriving Medical Practice Group; Redde can work for you. Redde can help you manage the complexities of consolidating your billing, across all service lines, from multiple EHRs, supported by a dispersed billing team and large call centers. We specialize in simplifying the complexity of your operations and provide a unified patient experience.
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